meet leah

Raised on the waters of the Chattahoochee River, Leah grew up in the Deep South where she spent much of her time exploring her small town on her aqua banana-seat bike.  Her favorite spot was in the graveyard on the bluffs overlooking Lake Eufaula.

Graduating from Auburn University with an English degree, Leah married a handsome naval aviator in 1987 and headed to Virginia Beach. A brief time in Jasper, Alabama, was followed by the last 20 plus years in Montgomery, Alabama, where she and her husband have raised two children and a multitude of dogs, been involved in the family business and the business of family, and are now quintessential empty nesters paying too much attention to their three dogs—a miniature schnauzer named Wally, a fuzzy Chow-mix yard dog named Pancho, and an enormous German Shepherd named Grizzly with a set of ears you wouldn’t believe.


Leah is a conversationalist, a questioner, and a storyteller who writes about the transformative experiences of daily life and invites others along to share the journey into the kindness of God. 

Most mornings, you’ll find Leah in her sun-filled study with a second cup of coffee, the Schnauzer snoozing on the ottoman and the Shepherd stretched out sleeping in the early morning light. Here, she writes religiously in her journals as they keep her sane and provide plenty of good material for her published devotional books. In this space, she writes her blog,  reviews books for SAIS, and guest writes for the Mudroom.  While she misses the days of teaching ninth grade English and AP Language and Composition, she is now taking on the role of student as she completes her studies in spiritual direction and formation.

When she’s not writing, reading, and storytelling, you can find Leah with her husband watching the sunset at the lake, on the road to see her artist daughter and son-in-law in Charlotte, NC, joy-flying with her son who is an attorney, or taking long walks with Grizzly.